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Boy Makes His Dying Service Dog's Wishes Come True

Bingo came into Cole Hein's life when he was just two-years-old in order to assist the boy with an undiagnosable disorder that stops Cole from breathing. The dog has saved Cole's life on countless occasions. When Bingo was diagnosed with a debilitating disease, Cole decided to create a "lick it list" of things he wanted for Bingo to experience before she dies.

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Bingo is now 14 years old, and she has been diagnosed with something called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome and only given a few weeks to live. Cole's mom, Mandi Hein, told CTV that the night after they received the diagnosis, she heard Cole talking to Bingo in his bedroom. "I thought at first he was playing his video games. I listened and he was actually talking with Bingo about all the things he wanted to do with her.”

Cole's list for Bingo included a trip together to Cole's favorite arcade, a photo shoot of them together, a walk around Bingo's favorite block – twice, and to feed Bingo dog treats from around the world. That last request was posted to Facebook and caught on. The Heins have received more treats than they possibly could have imagined, and there's no doubt that Bingo is getting to make the most of her final days with her best friend Cole.


Cole and Bingo a few years ago, when Bingo won the Purina Hall of Fame's "Service Dog of the Year" award.


A selection of the treats that have poured in for Bingo.


Best friends forever.

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