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"Black Mirror" Is Even Scarier When It's About You

The Vine series Black Mirror IRL delves into the terrifying ways technology transforms us every day. From accidentally swiping left, to sharing your HBO GO password.

Last year, Black Mirror became Netflix's surprise hit, spreading across the United States like a computer virus and revealing what British audiences already knew — that the addictive satire about modern life and technology was our new favorite binge show.

But does it truly affect our daily lives? Modern technology is creeping into our humanity in all kinds of subtle ways — every second of every day. What if Black Mirror reflected the horrifying ways technology is actually ruining our lives?

Mr. Left / Via BuzzFeed Staff

A young woman watches everything change in the flick of a thumb.

Tap Tap / Via BuzzFeed Staff

Can seeing the past help one woman change her future?

Unlimited Access / Via BuzzFeed Staff

An unstoppable piece of viral data infects the world.

Dot Dot Dot / Via BuzzFeed Staff

One smartphone user finds themselves in a second that lasts an eternity.

Saved / Via BuzzFeed Staff

A man becomes lost in a maze of his own making.

New Phone Who Is This? / Via BuzzFeed Staff

In the near future, the impossible becomes a terrifying reality.


New technology causes a mild-mannered office worker to reveal his deepest self.

Truly a chilling vision of an all-too-soon future. See new episodes of Black Mirror IRL as soon as they drop by following us on Vine.