Banana Joe The Affenpinscher Wins Best In Show At Westminster

He was the smallest dog in the Best in Show group, and his handler Ernesto Lara says “he is a small dog with a big heart.” Now that he’s won the big show, Banana Joe plans to retire back home in his birthplace, the Netherlands.


Craig Ruttle / AP

The official breed standards for the Affenpinscher from the AKC say “The Affenpinscher is a balanced, wiry-haired terrier-like toy dog whose intelligence and demeanor make it a good house pet. Originating in Germany, the name Affenpinscher means, “monkey-like terrier.” The breed was developed to rid the kitchens, granaries, and stables of rodents. In France the breed is described as the “Diablotin Moustachu” or moustached little devil. Both describe the appearance and attitude of this delightful breed. The total overall appearance of the Affenpinscher is more important than any individual characteristic. He is described as having a neat but shaggy appearance.” They also say that Affenpinschers have a “tame, alert, and inquisitive” general demeanor. “with great loyalty and affection toward its master and friends.”

Mike Segar / Reuters


Mike Segar / Reuters
Mike Segar / Reuters
Mike Segar / Reuters

7. Happy retirement, Joe!

From this adorable website by Banana Joe’s owners.

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