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25 iPhone Apps That Could Change Your Life

There are too many silly apps to choose from, but these are actually super useful.

1. 1Password

If you're stressed by security experts saying you should have a different password for everything because you can barely remember your one password as it is, simplify your life with 1Password. It will securely store endless random and safe passwords.

2. Amount

A very simple, beautiful app for converting units of measurement. Invaluable for foreign recipes, traveling, and feeling smart.

3. AroundMe

AroundMe is the most reliable app for finding a decent coffee shop, grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, or WHATEVER near wherever you are at that moment. Travel with confidence!

4. Dark Sky

A weather app that is actually helpful, because it gives you forecasts for what is actually about to happen, and it's customized for your actual precise location. Also, it's gorgeous.

5. Evernote

Evernote is more than just its iPhone app — for its loyalists, it is the perfect cross-platform solution to remembering and saving EVERYTHING you need to have access to. It can function as a to-do list, a reference, a note-taker, and a "read later" app, all rolled into one.

6. FastCustomer

Do you hate waiting on hold for 30 minutes just to tell someone you want to change your cable channels? This app will call any company for you, navigate the system, wait on hold, and call you when an operator is actually on the line.

7. Genius Scanner

This genius app will let you use your phone's camera as a pretty dece scanner, including turning text documents you "scan" with your phone into PDF files you can later use on your computer. Super useful for research, studying, and business.

8. HiFutureSelf

If you're always forgetting to check your calendars and to do apps, but you're constantly checking your texts, HiFutureSelf is perfect for you. You can set it to send a text message reminder to your "future" self at any time you choose.

9. Horizon

Do you share the world's resentment of vertically filmed videos but sometimes find yourself accidentally taking them yourself? Horizon is your new best friend. It forces your videos horizontal no matter how you hold your phone. So simple, so brilliant.


Use IFTTT (it stands for "If This, Then That") to use alllllll of your social media accounts and apps in perfect harmony with one another. Want to save all of your starred emails to Evernote? Easy! Want your camera to download all the pictures you're tagged in on Facebook? Easy! Want to change your Twitter avatar whenever you change your Facebook one? Easy! It's amazing.

11. Merlin Bird ID

If you're interested in a way into the wonderful world of birding, or if you just wish you could ID the birds you see in your backyard, Merlin Bird ID is a truly magical tool. You can input your location and some basics about the bird's appearance and see a tailored list of possibilities to choose from. Add birds to your bird list and presto, you're a budding bird expert!

12. MyFitnessPal

MFP is a bit of a cult among its devotees, who swear by its simple calorie and activity tracking system for weight loss and healthy living. Admittedly, its database of foods and easy-to-use interface make keeping track of what you're taking in and burning off easy and even kinda fun.

13. Period Tracker

Knowing exactly when to expect your monthly friend is an absolute lifesaver. Also useful for boyfriends (seriously).

14. Pocket

You don't have time to read the longform features and essays that people are talking about at work, so save 'em to Pocket and peruse them later on the subway, in the bath, or laying in bed.

15. RunPee

If you can't hold it for a two-hour movie or you're fond of those 60-ounce sodas, RunPee will let you know the optimal time for you to, well, run and pee. They'll also give you a summary of what happens while you're gone that you can read in the stall. It's the little things.

16. Sleep Cycle

This ingenious app tracks how "deep" you're sleeping based on your nighttime movements, and wakes you up at a given time in a range you set. It will help you feel better rested and alert when you wake up, plus it feels like magic!

17. Sleep Talk Recorder

Do you ever wonder if you're talking in your sleep? The Sleep Talk Recorder runs through the night but only picks up unusually loud audio, allowing yourself to listen to your own weird sleeping monologues and also farts.

18. Slice

Slice takes all of your upcoming deliveries and tracks them in one handy place — if you do a lot of online shopping, this is invaluable!

19. Songkick

Songkick scans your iTunes library and Spotify listening and lets you know when artists you like are playing live shows near you. Never miss one of your favs again!

20. TripIt

If you travel a lot, TripIt is an absolute necessity. It will keep all of your travel itineraries in one handy place so you never have to remember to print your flight info again.

21. VenMo

Send money to your friends with the click of a button. A total brunch lifesaver.

22. VLC

VLC actually allows your phone to view all the rando video formats you have on your computer, not that you're illegally downloading or anything.

23. VSCO Cam

A deceptively simple but beautiful photo editor that will make your photos look even better than Instagram filters too.

24. Waze

Tired of getting unexpectedly caught in a traffic jam on your way into work? Waze offers a community-sourced solution with live mapping and navigation tips.

25. Wolfram Alpha

Ostensibly a reference search, WolframAlpha is an incredibly complex problem solver that can help you understand math, statistics, physics, weather, linguistics, and sooooo much more. The future is now.


While it doesn't track your cycle or record what you say in your sleep, BuzzFeed is a great way to get all of your favorite lists, quizzes, and news.