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An Inside Look At What It's Like To Be Surrounded By Sloths

Daniella King is keeping a blog of her world travels, most recently including volunteering at the Sloth Sanctuary and hanging out with sloths in need. AKA LIVING THE DREAM.

"Hello!" -Sloth

When you live among sloths, you get lots of hugs.

You have to tend to boo-boos.

Help roommates get along.

More hugs!

Feed sloths their snacks.

Look at this baby sloth, Cory.

Look at this baby sloth, Matthew.

Look at this baby sloth's little butt.

The only time three-toed sloths don't smile is when they're getting a bath.

But two-toed sloths like baths.

Either way, it's impossible for a human not to smile when holding a baby sloth!

Sloths need buckets,


and more snuggles.

Baby sloths are flirty,


and most of all, happy.

You have to weigh them,

let them kiss you,

and possibly rub their furry tummies.

Snack time!

Being around sloths all day is hard work,

but somebody's gotta do it.

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