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Americans Try To Place European Countries On A Map

:( :( :( :( At least the U.K. office didn't fare much better with the U.S.

OK, in our defense, Europe is really complicated.

Turns out, this effort — which places several countries in the ocean — is one of the best.

A common problem was filling in all the countries that one knows and then realizing there's still a half-dozen blank spots on the map.

This person's nearly crossed-off list likely aided them in having one of the most complete maps we received.

Most of us went to college.

And yet, here we are (apologies to all of the Mr. Harrisses in the world).

At least we (sort of) know where Borat is from.

Borat is a really big deal here, I guess?

Borat is the president of Europe, right?

And MOST of us know where Russia is (and that it's very cold).

I had never heard of the countries I, Am, Very, Sorry, You, Are, All, or Great before!


I find this impressive but have no idea if it's correct. Cypress!!!

Second Poland is a hot tourist destination, I hear.

But not as hot as Affordable Vacations.

This tiny hand Turkey is having a really good time, and I hear mini-Poland is almost as fun as Second Poland.

"What is that?"

One thing is clear: Europe is overrun with meandering arrows.

The motherland?! Starting to regret not asking for names...

Moomins are really cool, but I'm pretty sure they don't live next to the USSR.

Points for honesty, though.

Cold is a recurring theme, which may have had something to do with the weather in NYC today.

It's really cold, and so is this entire area of middle Europe.

People wear fur coats there!

Shame is also a very common component.

The great GOTH vs. METAL wars of the 1800s are long behind us...

...but apparently war still plagues much of Europe (thankfully saving Benedict Cumberbatch's house).


"Your mom Romania."

But seriously: When is someone going to do something about all of the fake countries in Europe?

:) :) :) :)