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    29 Adorably Tiny Versions Of Normal-Sized Things

    Why is everything in the world so much cuter when it's in miniature?

    1. The twee-est tea set in the world.

    2. Tiny Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    3. This bijou cappuccino.

    4. A baby suitcase filled with baby books.

    5. A wee feast for a little best friend.

    6. Teensy donuts.

    7. Elfin envelopes.

    8. Mini-sushi.

    9. An itsy-bitsy rat for an itsy-bitsy rat.

    10. A plethora of pin-sized Nutellas.

    11. A puglet-sized backpack.

    12. The diminutive Game Boy.

    13. An Eames lounge chair for ants.

    14. The teeniest baking project.

    15. The smallest puppy in the world.

    16. Tiny tea.

    17. Toy-sized polaroids.

    18. A lego grand piano.

    19. Taco day for fairies.

    20. A microscopic sock monkey.

    21. This poky little gingerbread house.

    22. Teensy toaster.

    23. This minute Etch-A-Sketch.

    24. A piddling wildflower bouquet.

    25. Wee pancakes.

    26. Pygmy plastic cameras.

    27. 1/12th scale fancy makeup.

    28. This undersized tool kit.

    29. And these teensy-tiny cows.