A Nice Day Doesn’t Mean You Have To Go Outside

Don’t let anyone nature-shame you! Be strong.

1. “Let’s go swimming, it will be a refreshing way to cool off!”

But really it’s like…

Ahhh, this is more like it.

2. “Walking around the neighborhood will be so fun!”

Yeah, and about 20,000 other people have the same idea.

You’d much rather have some peace and quiet.

3. “Let’s go get some sun!”

This can only end in horror.

This is what “laying out” should look like.

4. “Don’t you want to be out in NATURE?!”

You’ve seen this movie and it does not have a happy ending.

You’d much rather stay home and watch it on TV.

5. There’s so much beautiful life blooming outside!


Are they even serious with that?!

6. “It’s TOOOO nice not to eat outside today!”

Y’know where is a nice place to eat? Inside the house.

7. “Let’s try rock climbing! What an adventure!”

Actually, it’s scary as hell.

A cold beer and 400 channels > a terrifying “adventure.”

8. “Let’s relax in a beautiful green meadow!”

NOPE. Grass is super-itchy and uncomfortable.

Let’s just lay down right here, okay?

9. “You should start running! It will make you feel so good!”

Y’know what else feels good? Mimosas.

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