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A Devout Cat Lives At The Hagia Sophia In Istanbul

The Hagia Sophia was built in Turkey 1,475 years ago, and is now a museum dedicated to preserving its history as both an Eastern Orthodox Cathedral and an Imperial Mosque (1453–1931). There remains a worshipper among the flood of tourists – a derpy cat named Gli. (Thanks, Ali)

The Hagia Sophia

Meet the pious Gli

He is pricelessly cross-eyed.

A lifetime of reverence can induce perma-derp.

He particularly enjoys basking in blessed light and warmth.

Here he is, contemplating how God can be found in everything.

He even shared his wisdom with President Obama!

He preaches the gospel of sunny spots and petting.

Here, he is lost in prayer.

And here.

The face of wisdom.

Meditating on forgiveness.

He's positively saintly.

Sharing his divine grace with tourists.

"Sit with me," he urges.

Watching over his flock.