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    21 Animal Vines That Will Make You Smile Every Time

    :) :) :)

    21. These cows who think this dog is their kid.

    20. A lamb who is having a very good time.

    19. This piglet who loves belly rubs.

    18. This chipmunk trying to figure out what he can fit into his mouth.

    17. This hedgehog measuring him or herself.

    16. A puppy running in slow motion.

    15. A lamb who comes when called.

    14. This very tiny kitten.

    13. A prairie dog taking a bath.

    12. BOOP BREAK!

    11. This baby duckling (!!!!)

    10. This minor emergency situation.

    9. Baby ellies.

    8. The champion of all of our hearts.

    7. A dog who is ready for an adventure whenever you are.

    6. This dastardly spy in disguise.

    5. A baby turtle who represents all of our struggles.

    4. A puppy fail.

    3. A cat fail.

    2. This pair of best friends.

    1. And perhaps most importantly of all: ROAD TRIP!!!!!