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A 25-Step Guide To The Perfect Summer Day

Everything you must do to make every day of Summer 2012 the best day of your life. Now we all just have to quit our jobs to make it happen, and it will be the BEST SUMMER OF ALL TIME!

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2. Treat yourself to a shower beer

3. Eat breakfast

4. Suit up

5. Don't forget to accesorize!


7. Go to the beach...

8. To swim in the ocean!

9. And to bury yourself in the sand!

10. And to build sandcastles!

11. No beach nearby? Go to the pool...

12. But make sure to use protection!

WHEW! You deserve a nap

13. Bolt out of bed to chase down the ice cream truck

14. So you can have a popsicle...

15. Or a sno-cone

16. Take in an afternoon baseball game...

17. Or, play your own game

18. Find some fireworks and a sunset

19. Grab a beverage

20. Kick out the summertime jams

21. Get your friends together

22. Kiss your sweetheart

23. Nosh

24. Catch a late-night summer blockbuster


And REPEAT... all summer long!

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