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    Posted on Jun 11, 2013

    7 Steps For Introducing Your New Kitten To Your Older Cat

    A few simple procedures and presto: the cutest thing that ever happened!

    Step One: Look into the innocent sleeping face of your adorable new kitten and worry that your grumpy older cat will eat him for breakfast.

    Step Two: Keep your kitten close as the moment of truth draws near, savoring every minute of your time with this precious creature before all hell breaks loose.

    Step Three: Feed the cats next to one another so that they get used to feeling happy when they're in proximity.

    Step Four: Walk out of the room for a few minutes and come back to your fuzzball all sprawled out on your older cat like it's no big thing.

    Step Five: Hold your breath.

    Step Six: Let that smile start creeping in.

    Step Seven: Bask in the reflected glory of best palship, and take plenty of pictures.

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