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    40 Adorable Gifts For Animal Lovers

    "It's purr-fect!" Everything the crazy cat ladies, dog dudes, and wildlife enthusiasts in your life really want for Christmas.

    1. Bottle brush animal ornaments

    2. Hedgehog table lamp

    3. This fancy little pug ring

    4. Handmade bird vase from Mexico.

    5. Kitty slippers

    6. Or these kitty flats?

    7. A pillow for tortoise lovers and turtle lovers alike!

    8. Doggie clotheshanger

    9. Le Chat Ninja art print

    10. Sock bunny

    11. Kitty pillows

    12. Soft polar bear with a little cape on

    13. Three Grumpy Cat moon t-shirt

    14. Soft cat keychain

    15. Panda pullover sweater

    16. Or a fox?

    17. This mod cat brooch.

    18. Pups cap

    19. Vintage border collie bookends

    20. Black cat purse

    21. Kitty earrings

    22. Fashionable black cat top

    23. Embroidered bunny brooch

    24. "Onward!" art print

    25. Rainbow kitten tote bag

    26. Jaguar t-shirt

    27. "Be Brave" owl iPhone case

    28. Cat tee

    29. Japanese bear cooking pan

    30. Bunny print

    31. These hedgie measuring cups

    32. Bear tee

    33. Shot glasses featuring waterfowl

    34. This polar bear cookie jar|cookie+bear|1|best|0|1|24||1&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-&bnrid=3918040&cm_ven=intl&cm_cat=intl&cm_pla=GAN&cm_ite=Std

    35. Cats, cats, cats, cats button-down

    36. Black sheep pillow

    37. Beret and glasses wearing alpaca plush

    38. Critter earbuds from Japan

    39. Lil Bub hoodie

    40. Snowy owl necklace

    Alternately, consider a donation in their name to an organization that helps animals:

    Such as The Humane Society of the United States, PETA, ASPCA, Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Farm Sanctuary, or your local shelter.