40 Sweet Cat Photos Of The ’40s

How could anyone be at war when there are kitties in the world? The ’40s were clearly the top decade for classic kids ‘n’ cats photos.

1. This mom and her kids, 1942

2. Weegee’s double exposed cat, ’40s

3. Coast Guard Academy mascot kitten, 1944

4. This cat with a camera, ’40s

5. Oh, just a guy with a raccoon and a cat hanging outside, ’40s

6. Halloween Cat, ’40s

7. Two kitties and a sneaky, sneaky dog, 1940

I don’t know how that dog got here, but these kitties are obviously the stars

8. Susan Hayward and cat, ’40s

9. Cat trying out for an early version of “The Holy Mountain,” 1941

10. Lady and kitty, ’40s

11. Four adorable kittens, 1942

12. Gal covered in kittens, 1940

13. This investigator, 1942

14. This black cat and that white dress, 1940

15. Father and son and a cat named Kitty, 1941

17. Cat who gets a lot of chicks, 1942

18. A cat who knows how to look good, 1944

19. This cat named Monkey, 1949

20. Wistful Joyce and cat, 1945

Joyce sent this photo to her husband Robert during WWII. Back reads “Wistful Jo - just loving you.”

21. This cat who is in charge, 1946

22. Grandma Moses holding a kitten, 1947

23. These kitties in a basket

24. This smiling boy and his cat with an intense stare, 1947

25. Two cats and their lady enjoying the sunshine together, 1949

26. “Anne” and her kitty, 1940

27. This girl holding her cat, 1945

28. This happy porch cat, ’40s

29. Store owner with store cat, 1940

30. This boy and his cat working on a project, 1940

31. This woman showing off her kitten, 1940

32. Gal with a cat in her coat, 1940

33. Eddy Wisniewski and his cat, 1940

34. Karen and Sammy, 1943

35. This cat chillin’ on this car hood, 1940

36. This porch cat and his gal, 1940

37. This alley cat named Figaro, 1940

38. This cat hugging this dog because he feels bad for him that he’s not a cat, 1946

39. Soldier says goodbye to his girl and cat says goodbye to them both, ’40s

40. Family portrait, 1940

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