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36 Illustrated Truths About Cats

Cats are the best, and also they are the worst. But mostly the best.

1. They like being close to you.

2. REALLY close.

3. They can do anything they set their minds to.

4. They are moody.

5. They are slightly obsessive.

6. Unusual places are the best places to sleep.

7. And your ideas about where they should sleep are HILARIOUS.

8. This.

9. They strike a fine balance.

10. They make the best internet.

11. They hate water, and water hates them back.

12. This is all you need to know about history.

13. Summertime is hard.

14. They really enjoy tunnels.

15. They are so cute you'll forgive them for anything.

16. They're so warm, you'll procrastinate to hang out with them.

17. They only like hugs on their own terms.

18. They do what they want.

19. They care, even if it doesn't always seem like it.

20. They are completely confusing.

21. But did I mention cute?!!

22. They shed.

23. They are not that different from us.

24. They are not always hard to please.

25. For example:

26. But sometimes they do things you just won't understand, ever.

27. They make us dumb.

28. Really dumb.

29. Really, really dumb.

30. But sometimes we're unfair to them.

31. After all, they're heroes in their own way.

32. And their weirdness just makes them more charming.

33. Mostly.

34. They're never sure if they love or hate you.

35. And you're also never sure.

36. Scratch that, you are: Cats are the best.