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35 Magical Moments Captured With A Camera

These super-happy photos are guaranteed to make you smile.

1. All of these puppies and kittens were born.

(this song is the perfect soundtrack for the rest of this post)

2. Louis Armstrong played a song for his wife.

AP Images / AP

3. And this girl played a song for the chickens.

4. And a boy played a song for a cat.

5. This girl walked into a shelter finally ready to adopt again, and found her cat who'd been missing for a year.

6. A penguin made a new friend.

7. Friends made their own fun.

Jamel Shabazz / Via

8. Two frogs got married.

STRDEL/AFP / Getty Images

9. A photographer met a fox.

10. A soldier met a joey.

John Earl McNeil / Via

11. Joey got to show the president his science fair project.


12. A boy's pet fawn watched him get on the school bus.

UPI Telephoto / Via

13. A sloth gave a hug.

14. These "dogs" carried a present.

15. An audition for black cats was held.

Ralph Crane//Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

16. A man found his new best friend.

17. This butterfly found a landing spot.

John Bermann / Via

18. The Dalai Lama met Mister Rogers.

Seton Hill University / Via

19. These dogs switched beds.

20. This girl was feeling the music.

21. An elephant met a sea lion.

Michael Durham / Via

22. A puppy was the small spoon.

23. A tortoise and a kitten shared a snack.

24. She went on an adventure without leaving her house.

25. An umbrella was shared.

26. This boy looked out for his brother.

27. A Christmas wagon was pulled by corgis.

28. The First Lady visited Mr. T.

Mary Anne Fackelman/The White House

29. The front row had the best time.

Grace Robertson / Via

30. This little dog thought the parade for the pope was just a lot of people happy to see him.

Yuri Cortez/AFP / Getty Images

31. This gorilla got a checkup.

News Ltd/Newspix/Rex USA

32. A tiny superhero watched her parents register their vote.

Allison Joyce / Getty Images

33. Audrey jumped.

34. A wedding had to go on.

Handout / Reuters

35. And this dog discovered LEAVES!

Richard Austin/REX USA

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