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35 Easy Ways To Identify A Southern Woman

We're real sweet, y'all. When we want to be.

Here's an optional-but-optimal soundtrack fer browsin' this post.

1. Y'all is the only pronoun we need.

2. We stand by our friends through any and every adventure.

'specially when that adventure involves a beach weekend.

3. We're not sure how people drink beer without one of these.

4. Our life's greatest role model is Tami Taylor.

5. Everything we needed to know in life we learned from Designing Women.

6. The prettiest pattern is camo.

7. Our hair is our most-prized physical asset.

8. And when it comes to that hair, the goal is always: BIGGER.

Whatever it takes, as long as your hair is approximately the size of the head underneath it.

9. Our best friend's name is Jack (or Jim).

10. We don't understand how anyone stays sane without some wild in their lives.

11. This is a major problem for us during the summer.

12. Professional sports are OK, but high school football is still the most important sport in the world.

13. We probably want Dairy Queen right about now (horse or no horse).

14. This is what one does with peanuts.

15. We shopped local before it was cool.

And we've been growing our own food for just as long!

16. The only thing better than a margarita during the summer is one with a beer in it.

17. We believe that a perfect man exists, and his name starts with a George and ends with a Strait.

And he will ALWAYS be fine as hell.

18. Despite what you may think, we know Scarlett's not a role model... We just want her clothes.

19. This is how we spend our Saturdays.

And this is Sunday.

20. We don't go out in the summertime without a good hat.

21. This is our dream house.

22. And our dream vehicle.

23. Our feet are always dirty but the rest of us is extremely clean.

24. We're practical.

25. We know the secret that the more run-down the outside of a BBQ joint is, the better their food probably is.

And that you should never order a vegetable plate without mashed potatoes.

26. We always have excellent advice for other women.

27. There are two people we always consult when searching for answers.

OK, maybe three people.

28. We would like to monogram EVERYTHING.

29. We will support our local sports teams for the rest of our god-given lives.

30. We understand that the shoes perfect for any occasion are cowboy boots.

We do mean EVERY occasion.

31. If there's anything foxier than a man in a seersucker suit...

...then it's his butt in a pair of Wranglers.

32. We'll be happy to remind you of some folks you may not have realized are from Tennessee.

Or Kentucky.

Or South Carolina.

Or Texas.

33. Miranda Lambert is our spirit animal.

34. And lastly, a Southern girl is ALWAYS polite.

All of which leads us to conclude...