32 Childhood Signs That You Would Always Be Obsessed With Animals

    It was all over the moment you laid eyes on your first puppy.

    1. When you were a kid, your interests were pretty single-minded.

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    2. Your favorite t-shirts all had different animals on them.

    3. It was impossible for you to see a dog without stopping to pet it.

    4. All of your schoolwork looked like this.

    5. And your school supplies...

    Your best folder was Lisa Frank, duh.

    And you kept all those supplies in a sweet backpack.

    6. You made sure your mom knew you wanted to be a cat for Halloween.

    Or maybe a more obscure creature.

    7. Your birthday cake was always animal themed.

    8. Your holiday wish-lists looked like this.


    10. Eventually your parents had to give in.

    11. Once you finally got a pet, you made wish-lists for it too.

    12. You spent your entire allowance trying to get an animal out of one of those claw machines.

    13. Every corner of your bedroom had a stuffed animal hammock.

    ...stuffed with animals.

    ...who each had a name.

    And you had a favorite that you always held onto.

    Even when you were a little too old.

    14. You had this poster on your wall.

    Or maybe one like this.


    15. You had this calendar.

    16. You collected "fancy" stuff like this...

    As well as a huge collection of Breyer horses...

    ...and an entire shelf dedicated to them.

    Oh, and you also had a huge collection of "Calico Critters."

    Or maybe you went in for "Maple Town."

    Not to mention a whole bookshelf dedicated to these tiny glass animals.

    17. You tried to start your own business...

    18. And host great special events.

    19. Ranger Rick was the best magazine in the world...

    Tied with Zoobooks.

    20. "Bambi" was your favorite Disney movie...

    Until you saw "The Lion King."

    21. You only liked movies that made you cry.

    22. These were your favorite books...

    Or these...

    Of course, you were also willing to read the classics...

    23. "Adventure Of The Little Koala" was the best Nickelodeon show.

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    24. You'd never get tired of visiting your favorite animal at the zoo...

    You understood them!

    25. Basically, you just loved animals more than you loved anything or anyone else.

    26. You were always trying to teach your pets tricks.

    27. You constantly tried to "rescue" stray dogs.


    (Usually they ended up belonging to one of your neighbors)

    Or baby birds.

    28. Your childhood vacations were spent trying to make friends with the local wildlife.

    29. Your summer camp was at the local nature center or zoo.

    30. You dreamed of growing up to be one of three things: A zookeeper...

    An animal behaviorist...

    Or the owner of an animal sanctuary.

    31. Maybe your career took another path.

    32. But you never stopped loving animals.

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