31 Fuzzy Little Lamb Pictures To Brighten The Day

    Mark my words: lambs are the next big cuteness.

    1. A mini-herd of lambs.

    2. A lamb with its mommy.

    3. A lamb bleating.

    4. A lamb with a gaze.

    5. A pretty-legged lamb.

    6. A lamb daintily lifting one of its little lamb hooves.

    7. A lamb in a beautiful green glen.

    8. A lamb posing for its school photo.

    9. One little bitty lamb and one slightly larger but still soft and adorable lamb.

    10. A reclining lamb.

    11. A girl in the early 1900s, with two lambs.

    12. This lamb.

    13. A lamb among some yellow flowers.

    14. A lamb being bottle-fed.

    15. Two grazing lambs.

    16. Two lamb friends.

    17. An alcoholic lamb.

    18. A lamb with a little black muzzle.

    19. A bar-bending lamb.

    20. An extra-curly furred lamb.

    21. Leaping, leaping lambs!

    22. A black lamb and a white lamb hanging out.

    23. BuzzFeed's Managing Editor, Scott Lamb.

    24. Some lambs among some daffodils.

    25. A lamb leaping away from the pack.

    26. A spotted lamb.

    27. A curled up lamb.

    28. A leapfrogging lamb.

    29. Lamb love.

    30. Golden hour lambs.

    31. A smiling lamb.