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    30 Delightful Cat Photos From The '30s

    It's hard to have any great depression when there are cats to hug and to hold.

    1. This fancy show cat, '30s

    2. This cat doing the radio, 1938

    3. Miss Toronto mugging with her kitty, 1937

    4. A little girl and her little cat, 1939

    5. A cat and a bunny, sharing some food, 1939

    6. This kennel cat, 1939

    7. This girl named June and her cat, name unknown, 1938

    8. This cat napping with a creepy doll

    9. This white box cat with little black spots by his ears, 1938

    10. This cat wanting to know what's up with that giant fish head, 1938

    11. A pretty girl and a pretty kitten, hanging out by the water, 1937

    12. A cat named Kim, in the garden, 1936

    13. This little girl feeding her cats a giant fish, 1936

    14. Two alley cats, '30s

    15. Lovely cat portrait with roses, 1933

    16. This cat not caring about your tears, '30s

    17. This cat investigating the fish bowl, 1930

    18. Edna Odessa Willis in 1932 with her dog, Corky, and her cat, Midget

    Flickr: milesfotos

    This obviously has a (great) dog in it too, but the cat is my favorite. His name is Midget!

    19. Mikkie, 1931

    20. Cat sitting on an unidentified object, 1930

    21. This black cat creepin', '30s

    22. This cat drinking from a faucet, 1932

    23. These cats greeting, 1930

    24. This gal holding this cat, '30s

    25. Swiss alpine rescue cats!, '30s

    26. Skinny hand-tinted kitty, 1935

    27. "Sookie the first Sunday I had her," 1931

    28. A bunch of kids and a bunch of kittens, 1931

    29. Sam, 1937

    30. Cat poppin', 1930

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