28 Times Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Was A Total Inspiration

In celebration of her killer debut performance on Dancing With The Stars, a celebration of our girl Snooks. She is everything.

1. Snooki closed the night on Monday’s Dancing With The Stars premiere because obvi the producers knew that she is perfection.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

2. She was perfect when she was clearly, inarguably the best part of “Jersey Shore” every week.

MTV Networks / Via fuckkyeahhsnooki.tumblr.com

And no party could ever start without her.

MTV Networks / Via snookiwoww.tumblr.com

3. Everyone thought they were making fun of her but actually she was in on the joke the whole time.

MTV Networks / Via fuckkyeahhsnooki.tumblr.com

4. Snooki might actually be the most gifted comedian of our time.

MTV Networks / Via fuckkyeahhsnooki.tumblr.com

5. When she perfectly articulated what we were all thinking.

MTV Networks / Via allthingssnooks.tumblr.com

6. Not to mention feeling.

MTV Networks / Via giphy.com

7. When she personified all of the trials and tribulations of being a tiny meatball.

MTV Networks / Via kaliforniaclique.tumblr.com

She showed us that for meatballs, ponies are like regular horses.

Jamie McCarthy/NEP / WireImage / Getty Images

And that being tiny has some advantages, like getting to be the flyer on the cheerleading squad.

And being able to fit into any box.

MTV Networks / Via lejla-lejla.tumblr.com

8. Nicole always keeps it real.

MTV Networks / Via rilanax.tumblr.com

9. When she was friends with an extremely handsome cat.

10. When she loved ridiculous, fuzzy slippers so much that she made a business out of it.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

And forever changed slipperdom for the better.

11. When she set out a perfect plan for our country’s future.

MTV Networks / Via fuckkyeahhsnooki.tumblr.com

12. Snooki understands when it’s appropriate to freak the fuck out.

13. And when to shrug off the haters.

MTV Networks / Via fuckkyeahhsnooki.tumblr.com

14. When she rocked this, um, inspiring outfit.

Elisabetta Villa / Getty Images

15. Whenever she and her best friend JWoww are together.

MTV Networks / Via giphy.com

And they provide an amazing example of what true loyalty looks like.

MTV Networks / Via snookiwoww.tumblr.com

16. When she was self-aware enough to understand her own strengths and weaknesses.

MTV Networks / Via psicodrammi.tumblr.com

17. But never, ever lost her self-confidence.

MTV Networks / Via giphy.com

18. Girl values herself.

19. Whenever she goes to a baseball game.

Rob Kim / Getty Images

20. This.

MTV Networks / Via thefrisky.tumblr.com

21. When she cleans up nice…

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

But she still looks amazing without any makeup at all.

22. When she got super fit before and after her pregnancy.

But did it right, getting totally buff rather than stick-thin.

23. She’s always super comfortable with her sexuality.

MTV Networks / Via fuckkyeahhsnooki.tumblr.com

24. Whenever her new family is ridiculously adorable.

25. She made Lorenzo, the cutest baby.


Jamie McCarthy/NEP / WireImage / Getty Images

26. Basically, Snooki is all of us IRL.

MTV Networks / Via mtv.tumblr.com

Or what we hope to be.

MTV Networks / Via giphy.com

27. People doubted whether she could be taken seriously on Dancing With The Stars, but she nailed it.




28. Just sayin’.

MTV Networks / Via jessicawakeman.tumblr.com

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