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28 Cats Who Have No Idea How They Ended Up Here

"It wasn't supposed to be like this." -These Cats

1. One day you're the president of your fraternity, and then you wake up on top of a ceiling fan.

2. You were once voted "Most Likely To Succeed" and here you are tangled in coat hangers.

3. A few years back, you were righteously angry over politics, and now you're just righteously angry in a sink.

4. You just realized that you've gone from looking into medical schools to yelling from between the mini-blinds.

5. Your biggest concern was once world hunger – now it's how to take up as much of this corner space as possible.

6. You are so over it.

7. When you think about all the stuff you thought you'd be doing with your life right now, you feel really sad.

8. You thought you'd own a home by now, but instead you just put your paw on the fan on purpose?

9. You never imagined you'd be here, climbing doors for nothing.

10. What. Happened. To. You?

11. Once you were on top of the pile of box cats, and now you're all the way on the bottom.

12. You used to read books and now you just sleep on top of them.

13. Your New Year's resolution was to learn how to cook and here you are inside a frying pan.

14. You used to think you'd never need to lose weight and now you're inside a diet coke box.

15. All the pictures you're tagged in on Facebook are from nights you can't even remember.

16. You mindlessly put on outfits without even thinking about whether they're clean or appropriate.

17. This happened.

18. You remember having goals once, but that seems like a long time ago.

19. You're stuck.

20. Ugh.

21. Life is so confusing and directionless.

22. It's completely exhausting.

23. But listen: sometimes being stuck in a sock is just a thing you need to go through to get to the next thing.

24. Sitting on some eggs in the hen house might seem stupid now, but you're learning from it!

25. Feeling trapped is universal, and it will pass.

26. Don't beat yourself up for sleeping in or drinking too much.

27. Just forge onward!

28. One day, you'll be on top of the world again.

(And hey, at least you're not this dog.)