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25 Perfectly Hand-Sized Baby Animals

Never grow up, little guys. My hands are tingling with jealousy right now.

1. This sleepy puppy

2. This itty-bitty bunny

3. This fresh-faced little hamster

4. This bat wrapped in a blanket

5. This grey kitten and his tiny bottle

6. This sunshine bunny

7. This clumsy squirrel

8. This bunny who's chatting with his internet friends

9. This deer dreaming of a world with no highways

10. This blind baby badger and his tummy

11. This kitten being held by someone super-fancy

12. This wide-eyed duckling

13. This teeny brown bunny

14. This somewhat annoyed baby chick

15. This relaxed little anteater

16. This diminutive sugar glider

17. This squirrel's itch being scratched

18. This little blonde baby monkey

19. This one last bunny

20. This kitten sleeping in her personal hammock

21. This sloth who is obviously up to something

22. This duckling taking a load off

23. These heart-making wrinkly baby platypi

24. This turtle who isn't sure what's going on

25. This sandy-toed hedgehog kid