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    24 Reasons You Were Obsessed With Women's Figure Skating In The '90s

    Tonight, ESPN premieres 30 for 30: The Price Of Gold, a look back at the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal that rocked women's skating in the '90s. Obviously they've been reading your diary, because you've been dreaming about these ladies for years.

    1. Because of everything happening in this photo:

    Getty Images / Tim DeFrisco

    2. And this one:

    Getty Images / Mike Powell

    3. Big smiles.

    Getty Images / Chris Cole

    4. Surya Bonaly's back-flips.

    Jamie Squire / Allsport / Getty Images


    5. Oksana Baiul's mild-mannered perfection.

    Tony Duffy / Getty

    While Kerrigan and Harding were involved in one of the craziest sports stories of all time, this teen swooped in and quietly took the gold away from them just by being *FLAWLESS*.

    Tony Duffy / Getty

    6. She also had the cutest excitement face in the world.

    Chris Cole / Getty

    7. Katarina Witt being older than all of her competitors and basically schooling the in elegance.

    Getty Images / Bob Martin

    8. Michelle Kwan's perfect, tiny attitude.

    Getty / Mike Powell


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    10. Nicole Bobek having the figurative cojones to pull off this outfit.

    Getty Images / Al Bello

    11. Because of Kristi Yamaguchi's mind-blowing perfection.

    Bob Martin / Getty Images

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    12. Because of this heartbreaking magazine cover.

    And because of Kerrigan's perseverance after returning from a nasty hit on her knee designed to take her out.

    Getty Images / Clive Brunskill

    13. All of the many, many, many, many tears.

    Getty Images / Jamie Squire

    14. And the falls.

    Getty Images / Doug Pensinger

    15. Because of Michelle Cho's haircut.

    Getty Images Mike Powell /Allsport

    16. Elaine Zayak's incredible comeback in 1994, after being retired for TEN YEARS.

    Chris Cole / Getty Images

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    She killed it, but came in fourth place.

    17. Lu Chen's effortless hovering above the ice.

    Getty Images / Bob Martin

    18. Tara Lipinski.

    19. No, seriously, Tara Lipinski.

    Jamie Squire / AllSport / Getty Images

    20. Tara Lipinski was even on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch!

    21. And — of course — Tonya Harding, the most controversial but magnetic figure skater of the '90s.

    Rick Stewart/ALLSPORT / Getty Images

    22. Especially when her laces were broken and she was you IRL, suffering through every day of high school.

    Clive Brunskill /Allsport / Getty Images

    23. The most shade that's ever been thrown.

    Getty Images

    24. But mostly because, despite all the drama, she's more fun to watch than any skater ever.

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