24 Pro Athletes In Their Little League Days

In honor of the 2012 Little League World Series, a look back at pictures of awesome pros who used to be just like us! Oh, Tom Brady… you have improved.

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (NBA)

2. Dusty Baker (MLB)

Baker is the second player from the right in the middle row

3. Bill Belichick (NFL)

4. Derek Bell (MLB)

5. Tom Brady (NFL)

7. Chris Drury (NHL)

8. Doug Flutie (NFL)

9. Zack Grienke (MLB)

10. Blake Griffin (NBA)

Blake is on the right, his brother Taylor is on the left.

11. Jason Heyward (MLB)

12. Derek Jeter (MLB)

13. Michael Jordan (NBA)

14. Greg Maddux (MLB)

15. Peyton Manning (NFL)

16. Aaron Rodgers (NFL)

17. Nolan Ryan (MLB)

18. CC Sabathia (MLB)

19. Mike Schmidt (MLB)

21. Gary Sheffield (MLB)

22. Pierre Turgeon (NHL)

In the group photo, he’s the big kid in the back row, far right, next to the coach.

23. Jason Varitek (MLB)

24. Ryan Zimmerman (MLB)

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