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23 Indisputable Reasons Why It's Time For A Labrador To Win Westminster

In 136 years of competition, a Labrador retriever has never won Best in Show at Westminster, despite being the most popular dog in the U.S. for the last 22 years. This insanity must stop.

1. Because, this.

2. And this.

Seth Wenig / AP

3. Because this.

4. This little guy.

5. And this one.

Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

6. These two.

7. These little guys.

Carline Jean/Sun Sentinel/MCT

8. This police dog.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

9. This seeing-eye dog.

10. This clean lab.

Ina Fassbender / Reuters

11. And THIS clean lab!

12. These best friends.

13. For this reason:

14. and this one.

Brian Snyder / Reuters

15. It's time.

Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

16. The people have spoken.

17. Labs are down for anything.

18. They're party animals.

19. They're helpful.

20. They're adorable.

Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

21. They're gentle.

22. IT'S TIME.

23. Best in show!!!

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