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    23 Creative Emoji Masterpieces

    A picture speaks a thousand words.

    1. Les Miserables

    2. Modern Art

    3. Dancing Men

    4. The Lost Balloon

    5. Call Me Maybe

    6. Don't Mess [with Texas]

    7. Hamlet

    8. Star-gazing

    9. N****s In Paris (by Aziz Ansari and Matthew Shawver)

    10. Season One of The Wire

    11. I Can't Get No Satisfaction

    12. The Grapes Of Wrath

    13. Arrested Development

    14. Finding Nemo

    15. Yay!!!

    16. To The Wall

    17. Bad Ideas

    18. Ridin' Dirty

    19. All The Pretty Horses

    20. Connect 4

    21. Michelangelo

    22. The Balloon Apocalypse

    23. Octopun

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