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    23 Country Songs From The '90s That You Still Know By Heart

    If you grew up in the south, these songs are burned into your brain forever Warning: Watching these music videos will give you crazy flashbacks.

    1. Alan Jackson, "Gone Country"

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    Power lyric: "He's gone country, look at them boots."

    Good fer: On a plane heading back to Tennessee after trying and completely failing to make it in the big, dirty, crowded city.

    Fashion inspiration: Straight tie between THAT STACHE and the shirtless overalls look.

    2. Trisha Yearwood, "She's In Love With The Boy"

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    Power lyric: "But Katie's young and man she just don't care / She'd follow Tommy anywhere!"

    Good fer: Blasting from yer bedroom after a big fight with your folks.

    Fashion inspiration: Girl knows how to work that perm.

    3. John Michael Montgomery, "Life's A Dance"

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    Power lyric: "Tryin' to find the courage to ask her out / Was like tryin' to get oil from a water spout."

    Good fer: The kicker's karaoke room, end of the night singalong slot.

    Fashion inspiration: Cowboy butts drive me nuts!

    4. Tim McGraw, "I Like It I Love It"

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    Good fer: Singing acapella in the back of the truck on the way to the county fair.

    Fashion inspiration: Uhhhhhh. What was the question? Too busy staring at Tim McGraw's chest.

    5. Faith Hill, "This Kiss"

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    Power lyric: The first and only time in history that the word "centrifugal" was prone to being shouted out of open windows --> "It's centrifugal motion / It's perpetual bliss"

    Good fer: Repeating 100 times a day in the early stages of twitterpation.

    Fashion inspiration: An entire generation of Southern girls asking for the Faith Hill pixie cut at the salon.

    6. Little Texas, "God Blessed Texas"

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    Power lyric: "I've been spent to spread the message: God blessed Texas."

    Good fer: Blasting from the boombox in the stands at your high-school football game.

    Fashion inspiration: Let's just talk about the vest main Little Texas guy is wearing and keep going from there.

    7. George Strait, "Check Yes Or No"

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    Power lyric: "Do you love me, do you wanna be my friend?"

    Good for: Fantasizing about marrying your first love. Good luck with that!

    Fashion inspiration: Um, everything. Strait set the gold standard for hot cowboys the world over.

    8. Reba McEntire, "Is There Life Out There"

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    Power lyric: When Reba says "I learned more from the stains than I did from the paper" in the music video / short film.

    Good fer: When you need a push to do the thing you've always been afraid to do. Also, crying throughout the entire music video.

    Fashion inspiration: A hair color that lit a fire in the hearts of millions.

    9. Shania Twain, "You're Still The One"

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    Power lyric: "We're still together, still going strong."

    Good fer: OBVIOUSLY, dancing at your wedding.

    Fashion inspiration: Shania Twain basically singlehandedly brought country music into the 21st century, sexiness-wise. For better or worse.

    10. Brooks & Dunn, "My Maria"

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    Power lyric: "She is the sunlight when skies! are! gray!"

    Good fer: Watching CMT in bed at 1 a.m., accompanied by Whataburger and a broken heart.

    Fashion moment: Exceptionally well-maintained facial hair – were Brooks & Dunn innovators in the field of manscaping?

    11. Dixie Chicks, "Wide Open Spaces"

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    Power lyric: "She needs wide open spaces, room to make her big mistakes."

    Good fer: All-day singalongs with the girls you live with after moving out of yer parents house for the first time.

    Fashion inspiration: Over-complicated slumber party up-dos forever.

    12. Martina McBride, "Independence Day'

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    Power lyrics: "Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing / Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning!"

    Good fer: Planting a seed of feminism that will grow for the rest of your life, hopefully not resulting in arson (as it does in this song).

    Fashion inspiration: Short haircuts need hairspray too, y'all.

    13. Clay Walker, "Hypnotize The Moon"

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    Power lyric: "Once you start to love her, you know you'll never stop."

    Good fer: Imagining that when you grow up, love will actually be remotely like this.

    Fashion moment: Clay Walker's ever-present cowboy hot of eternal hotness.

    14. Mary Chapin Carpenter, "Passionate Kisses"

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    Power lyric: "Is it too much to demand, I want a full house and a rock and roll band / Pens that won't run out of ink and cool quiet and time to think."

    Good fer: Old car, tape deck, windows down.

    Fashion inspiration: Giant earring realness.

    15. Rick Treviño, "Bobbie Ann Mason"

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    Power lyric: "I got a guitar so I could sing meeee-and Bobbie Ann Mason!"

    Good fer: Visiting home during breaks from college and missing high school like hell.

    Fashion inspiration: Rick Trevino really owns his relatively small stature in this video, life, and in the hearts of all young women of the '90s.

    16. Pam Tillis, "Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial"

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    Power lyric: "Just call me Cleopatra!"

    Good fer: Makeover night with all your galfriends.

    Fashion inspiration: Bring back crimpers, please.

    17. Vince Gill, "When I Called Your Name"

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    Power lyric: "Nobody answers when I call your name." :(

    Good fer: A rainy day when you don't feel like getting out of bed and you DO feel like crying.

    Fashion inspiration: Leather chokers for men, I guess.

    18. Deana Carter, "Strawberry Wine"

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    Power lyric: "My first taste of love whoaaaaaa bittersweet."

    Good fer: Pretending you know how sex works.

    Fashion inspiration: DID YOU SHAVE YOUR LEGS FOR THIS?!?!

    19. Clint Black, "Killin' Time"

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    Power lyric: "This killin' time is killin' me" with extra growl on it.

    Good fer: Your afternoon smoke break on the loading dock at work.

    Fashion inspiration: Are dimples a fashion statement?

    20. Suzy Bogguss, "Drive South"

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    Power lyric: [sassy aside:] "Ain't going to pack my nylons!"

    Good fer: Getting the hell outta Dodge.

    Fashion inspiration: "How to dress for a teacher-parent conference but still look smokin'," by Suzy Boggus.

    21. Patty Loveless, "I Try To Think About Elvis"

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    Power lyric: "I just can't concentraaaaate, you're all I think about these days."

    Good fer: The walkman you're carrying to school where yer gonna see your biggest crush!

    Fashion inspiration: Literally every single moment of this video is an inspirational fashion moment. I can't count them all, but I would probably kill someone to have Patty's outfit. AND THOSE BANGS.

    22. Randy Travis, "Look Heart, No Hands"

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    Power lyric: "No chains, no strings, no fences, no walls."

    Good fer: Fallin' in love.

    Fashion inspiration: Big hair: It's not just for gals.

    23. Garth Brooks, "The Dance"

    Power lyric: The entire freakin' song! Which you can still recite on command like poetry.

    Good fer: Graduations, weddings, birthdays, funerals, and all of life's other major events, basically.

    Fashion inspiration: Black=mysterious and thoughtful. Shadowy lighting is a bonus.

    Here's a Spotify playlist with everything except Garth, because he hates the internet or something.