21 Ways Your Life Is Completely Ruled By Your Pets

But you like it that way.

1. You care about your pet’s happiness even more than you care about your own:

2. Even if they don’t always appreciate it:

3. The truth is, your pets bring you so much joy:

4. Although sometimes they get in the way a little:

5. They make you feel better when you’re down:

6. And even all the money you spend is worth it:

7. Because someone you love is the best company:

8. And anyone who doesn’t understand that will never understand you:

9. Animals > Humans:

10. They deserve everything:

11. Because they give you what you need most, understanding:

12. And they truly know what’s good for you:

13. Spending time with your pets is always quality time:

14. And you want to be close to them:

15. When you’re most comfortable:

16. Even when they annoy you:

17. Even when people don’t compare to your love for them:

18. You still make sure that they know you love them:

19. And they are an incredibly important part of your life:

20. You can never say no:

21. Because you love them, and they give you 100 times that love in return:

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