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    21 Dogs Who'd Really Rather Not

    Everyone assumes all dogs are so gung-ho about everything, but you know what happens when you ASS U ME?

    1. No, I don't want to go for a walk.

    2. Yes, I know it's nice outside.

    3. But this is also nice.

    4. And you know what ISN'T nice?

    5. Exertion.

    6. Mosquitoes.

    7. Sweating.

    8. Wouldn't you rather just take a nap?

    9. Does being a dog REALLY mean I have to go along on your stupid adventures?

    10. Wouldn't you like to just stay home with a frosty beverage?

    11. A fuzzy tummy?

    12. What is this sofa for anyway?!

    13. It's definitely not for this "walking" shit.

    14. It's made for this.

    15. And this.

    16. And this.

    17. It's okay if the couch is taken.

    18. Don't wake me up!

    19. Just let me rest.

    20. Being a dog shouldn't have to be all this work.

    21. Isn't looking at my face enough for you?