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21 Cats Who Aren't Striking The Right Work/Life Balance

The man got you down? These cats can relate.

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1. Sometimes I wonder if I'll start having more useless meetings than there are hours in the day.

2. I wish I had hobbies, but all I do on my weekends is TRY to sleep, and think about work.

3. This paperwork will never cease. Or mean anything.

4. Tell me more about your raise, please. No, I didn't get one this year.

5. Of course I can stay late.

6. Does anyone else in this office ever think about escaping through the window? Just me?

7. Oh cool, another harassment training class.

8. I just realized that the only people here more miserable than I am are the people whose jobs I should be trying to get.

9. I dreamed a dream in time gone by.

10. I thought this vacation would would make me feel better, but 5 days felt like 5 hours.

11. This tie is a noose.

12. We're running out of office space.

13. Just another Friday night, trying to get to zero inbox.

14. Sometimes I walk by the CEO's office door and I'm pretty sure he's just sleeping in there. Maybe I could kill him?

15. If I have to smell my coworker's disgusting lunch one more time, I'm going to snap.

16. Good thing my girlfriend is just as dedicated to her job as I am, so we can be lifeless zombies illuminated only by the light of our technology... together.

17. I did all this for money and the money makes me feel... nothing at all.

18. Help.

19. I've spent my entire life helping someone else's dream become a reality.

20. But if I quit, who will buy my lattes?

21. I give up.

At least there's always my retirement fund...

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