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50 Adorable Reasons That 2013 Was The Year Of The French Bulldog

Sorry other dogs, frenchies ruled the year. #squishyfacecrew

50. This masterful spooning situation.

49. Minkie's "wasssup!!!!" face.

48. These eyes.

47. Alice asking politely to be helped up onto the sofa.

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46. Manny's big smile.

45. The best kissing booth of all time.

44. Frenchies love football.

43. Frenchies are happy to help you set up the Christmas tree.

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42. Lil Theezy.

41. This fly outfit.

40. Micro's naptime.

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39. This disgruntled camper.

38. This heartmeltingly cute puppy.

37. This visit to Santa.

36. This underbite.

35. The saddest cone.

34. This frenchie who was afraid of his own farts.

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33. Trotter's admirable patriotism.

32. Sir Charles Barkley reacts to to ice cream the only way he knows how.

31. The frenchie who is convinced that this horse is really a reindeer.

30. (Frenchies LOVE horses)

29. Peggy's Halloween costume.

28. Duchess Olive Juice and her best friend Ryan Gosling.

27. This party you wish you got an invite for.

26. The frenchie who thinks HE's a reindeer.

25. This french bulldog who got some assistance from her golden retriever buddy.

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24. Walter.

23. Chubbiness.

22. A momentous meeting of minds.

21. This beautiful family.

20. The saddest pirate.

19. When Sir Charles Barkley climbed into this swing.

18. The tiniest backpack.

17. The frenchie puppy who had to have a bath :( but really :).

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16. This intense glare.

15. This extremely serious business man.

14. These truly magnificent ears.

13. This frenchie enjoying a cupcake.

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12. The best naps.

11. The cutest chia pet you've ever seen.

10. This flawless Harry Potter impression.

9. The Frenchie King

8. This outfit.

7. Boss, the most popular frenchie in Sweden.

6. Olive's brave journey up the stairs.

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5. Best friends for life.

4. This purse puppy.

3. Lentil, the french bulldog who was born with a cleft palette and inspired thousands.

2. A french bulldog puppy meeting her person for the first time.

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1. And the day the world stood still and three frenchie puppies cuddled with their baby bestie.