20 Pictures From The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

    There's no crying in baseball – but there's a whole lot of yelling, smiling, posing, and playing hard. The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was a women's baseball league founded founded in 1943 in order to keep public interest in baseball alive while the able-bodied male athletes were fighting the war abroad.

    YourALL AMERICAN GIRLS BASEBALL LEAGUE BEAUTY KITShould always contain the following:Cleansing CreamLipstickRouge - MediumCream DeodorantMild AstringentFace Powder for BrunetteHand LotionHair Remover
    EYES "The Eyes are the Windows of the Soul"The eyes indicate your physical fitness and therefore need your thoughtful attention and care. They bespeak your innermost thoughts - they reflect your own joy of living - or they can sometimes falsely bespeak the listlessness of mind and body. Perhaps no other feature of your face has more to do with the impression of beauty, sparkle and personality which you portray.A simple little exercise for the eyes and one which does not take much time can do much to strengthen your eyes and add to their sparkle and allure. Turn your eyes to the corner of the room for a short space of time, then change to the other corner. Then gaze at the ceiling and at the floor alternately. Rotating or rolling your eyes constitutes an exercise and your eyes will repay you for the attention that you give to them. There are also vitamins prescribed for the care of the eyes. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of vegetables. We all know well that the armed forces found carrots a definite dietary aid to eyesight. Use a good eyewash frequently and for complete relaxation at opportune moments, lie down and apply an eye pad to your eyes for several minutes.
    HAIR "WOMAN'S CROWNING GLORY."One of the most noticeable attributes of a girl is her hair, woman's crowning glory. No matter the features, the clothes, the inner charm or personality - they can all suffer beneath a sloppy or stringy coiffure. Neither is it necessary to feature a fancy or extravagant hair-do, because a daily program for the hair will help to keep it in healthful and attractive condition.Neatness is the first and greatest requirement. Arrange your hair neatly in a manner that will best retain its natural style despite vigorous play. Off the diamond, you can readily arrange it in a softer and more feminine style, if you wish. But above all, keep your hair as neat as possible, on or off the field.Brushing the hair will help a great deal more than is realized. It helps to stimulate the scalp which is the source of healthful hair growth. It develops the natural beauty and lustre of the hair, And it will not spoil the hair-do. When brushing, bend over and let your head hang down. Then brush your hair downward until the scalp tingles. Just a few minutes of this treatment each day will tend to keep your scalp in fine condition and enhance the beauty of your "crowning glory."
    MOUTHEvery woman wants to have an attractive and pleasing mouth. As you speak, people watch your mouth and you can do much, with a few of the very simplest tools, to make your mouth invitingly bespeak your personality. Your beauty aids should, of course, include an appropriate type of lipstick and a brush. They should be selected with consideration and care.With your lipstick, apply two curves to your upper lip. Press your lips together. Then, run your brush over the lipstick and apply it to your lips, outlining them smoothly. This is the artistic part of the treatment in creating a lovely mouth.Patient practice and care make perfect. Open your mouth and outline your own natural curves. If your lips are too thin to please you, shape them into fuller curves. Now, use a tissue between your lips and press lightly to take off excess lipstick. If you wish to have a "firmer foundation," use the lipstick a second time and use the tissue "press" again.Caution: Now that you have completed the job, be sure that the lipstick has not smeared your teeth. Your mirror will tell the tale - and it is those little final touches that really count.
    HANDSThe hands are certainly among the most expressive accoutrements of the body - they are always prominent and noticeable - and while feminine hands can be lovely and lily white, as described in the ads, the All American girl has to exercise practical good sense in preserving the hands that serve her so faithfully and well in her activities. Cleanliness and neatness again come to the fore. Your hands should be thoroughly cleaned and washed as frequently as seems desirable or necessary, and especially after games, they should be cleaned to remove all dust and grime. Soap and water and pumice will do this job to perfection. Then a protective cream should be applied to keep hands soft and pliable and to avoid crack and over-dryness. Your nails should be gone over lightly each day, filing to prevent cracks and splits, oiling for the cuticle.The length of your nails, of course, depends largely upon the requirements of your play. Keep them neat and clean and your hands will always be attractive.
    CLOTHESClothes, of course, have always been one of woman's great problems and it might seem so to the All American girl. However, with the exercising of good taste, the All American Girls Baseball League player can solve her problem in a tasteful manner and without great expense, without being encumbered with too great a wardrobe for the summer months. The accent, of course, is on neatness and feminine appeal. That is true of appearances on the playing field, on the street or in leisure moments. The uniforms adopted by the league have been designed for style and appeal, and there is a trememdous [sic] advantage to the girl and to the team which makes the best of its equipment. From the standpoint of team morale, there is a real "lift" noticeable in the smartly turned out and neatly arrayed aggregation. And from the public appeal standpoint, it is surprising how the crowd will respond to the team that appears on the field with a neatness and "snap" in its appearance. The smart looking teams invariably play smart ball and you can add to your own drawing power and crowd appeal by looking the part of a ball player on the field. Wear your cap and keep it securely in place, Keep your uniform as clean and neat as possible. Always secure your stockings so that they are smooth and neat and remain in place. Keep your shoes clean and shining. And see if you don't feel better and play better ball.
    IN PUBLIC PLACES. The All American girl should avoid behavior that would make her conspicuous in public. One of the cardinal rules is not to talk too loudly. She should avoid using other people's names in a loud voice or making personal remarks that might be overheard by others. And there is nothing more vulgar than bragging about personal possessions, accomplishments or achievements. Do not use a loud voice, do not stare at people, do not knock into people and do not indulge in loud argument [sic] in public. In short, avoid attracting attention to yourself through poor manners.
    SPORTSMANSHIP. Sportsmanship on the field and off is definitely aligned with etiquette. There is such a thing as wanting to win and fighting to win with all your heart and this is both commendable and desirable. It is another thing, however, to become known as a "poor loser" who cannot accept the inevitable defeats in good grace. When you play ball, play hard and play for all you are worth. It is understandable, in the heat of excitement and the intense desire to win, that you may occasionally differ with a decision and impulse to protest violently is hard to control. The usually accepted pattern of a sportsman is the one who gives no expression or gesture of either chagrin or satisfaction and this is an admirable pattern. However, it is hard to control emotions completely and it is expected that a player might show dissatisfaction in the face of a bad "break" in the game and equal pleasure with a successful maneuver, Your pleasure at accomplishing a good play or winning a game, however, should not take on the appearance of gloating or bragging over your opponents. Win gracefully and modestly and lose gracefully too, if you can. Above all, avoid the show-off attitude in front of your opponents and the public. Be courteous and considerate in the event of unavoidable accidents or contacts on the field. Play the game hard and fair and you will earn the recognition and respect of teammates, opponents and public.
    THE BASEBALL FAN. There is an old saying that "The customer is always right." This, in a sense, holds true of the baseball fan, who exercises the right to talk to you without knowing you, to shout at you from the stands and to voice his opinion, good or bad, of the play on the field. After all, he is your customer and he feels that you, as a player, and the team, belong to him. For the most part, the fans encountered in the All American Girls Baseball League are understanding and considerate. They are loyal to their home team and its players and it is not often that a player is subjected to even good natured verbal abuse for any shortcomings or failures. In other cities but your home town, you may expect the crowd to be good naturedly hostile to your cause. It is naturally pulling for the home town to win, Don't let this attitude bother your play. Ball players who hear all the pointed shouts and remarks in the stands are said to have "rabbit ears". Above all, don't let the remarks of any fans arouse your own ire to the point where you make a scene or display poor sportsmanship. Fans who become seriously objectionable in language or actions are automatically taken care of by the management and the fans at All American Girls League games are the highest calibre [sic] attending any sport in America.
    DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC, Because you are a ball player and a member of the team in your home town city, it is taken for granted that you will be popular and well known by sight. Both younger and older people will be interested in you and you will soon get over being surprised when strangers approach you and call you by your name. You may not know them and may never have seen them before but at the ball park, especially, you will know that they are fans who are interested in you or interested in the team. You will be asked for autographs and you will be asked questions about yourself and about the team. Be as friendly and gracious as you possibly can on these occasions. Your own personality represents your team and all of the girls in the All American League. Don't be abrupt or rude to fans if you can possibly avoid it. Letting them feel that they know you, giving them a good impression through your speech and mannerisms, will help to make them regular and steady fans and will develop more "customers" for the league and greater success for you personally. Autograph "hounds" and other people can sometimes appear to be pests but these things must go with success and exposure to an admiring public. Do what you can to make them happy and if the situation becomes difficult at a busy time or when your presence is requested elsewhere, avoid it gracefully without hurting their feelings and promise that you will attend to them later or at some other time. Away from the park, if people approach you in a friendly manner, be polite and agreeable. On occasion, if any person should attempt to be over friendly or obnoxious, extricate yourself from the situation without being rude or abusive yourself. There is always a way in which a lady can politely avoid unwanted company or attention. If you conduct yourself as a lady at all times you will retain your own self respect and that of others.
    In a final summing up, be neat and presentable in your appearance and dress, be clean and wholesome in appearance, be polite and considerate in your daily contacts, avoid noisy, rough and raucous talk and actions and be in all respects a truly All American girl.