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20 Pictures Celebrating Paul McCartney's Eternal Crushworthiness

You'll always be "the cute one" to me, SIR.

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1. Sir Paul McCartney is turning 71 today!

Jack Kay / Getty Images

2. That means that we should all be celebrating the birth of this confused gaze.

Express Newspapers/Stringer / Getty Images

3. The crush to crush all other crushes.

Keystone/Stringer / Getty Images

4. Through mustaches,

Leonard Burt/Stringer / Getty Images

5. even despite mullets.

Evening Standard/Stringer / Getty Images

6. Because a man who loves kittens is the man for us.

Les Lee/Stringer / Getty Images

7. Because cheeks.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

8. Because heavy eyelids.

David Harris/Stringer / Getty Images

9. Because of this hat.

William Lovelace/Stringer / Getty Images

10. And yes, this... crocheted?... vest?...

Jim Gray/Stringer / Getty Images

11. Oh and then there's the fact that he's written approximately 1/2 of the 20 best songs ever, give or take one or two.

Lars Baron / Getty Images

12. Even though his heart belonged to another.

Hulton Archive/Stringer / Getty Images

13. We could always pretend that our lives could be as gloriously strange and beautiful as this.

Evening Standard/Stringer / Getty Images

14. Seriously, this is aspirational crushing defined.

Evening Standard/Stringer / Getty Images

15. Don't even get started on that beard.

Leonard Burt/Stringer / Getty Images

16. There's literally no one in the world who isn't a little twitterpated for Sir Paul.

17. How could they not be?

Evening Standard/Stringer / Getty Images

18. You could stare at him for hours.

John Pratt/Stringer / Getty Images

19. Cheers to you, Paul McCartney.

Terry Disney/Stringer / Getty Images

20. Happy Birthday from the bottom of every beating heart.

Keystone / Getty Images
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