20 Lovely Cat Photos From The ’20s

Cats and pretty girls go together like rum and coca cola. Some of the prettiest kitties the world has ever known!

1. Cat self-actualizing, ’20s

2. This turtle named Shelly and this cat named Jezebel, 1922

3. Playing with his little paws, 1920

4. This cat chilling in a box, 1929

5. A pretty girl and her cat, 1922

6. Lucky black cat, 1922

7. This dutch cat and his dutch lady, ’20s

8. Cat trying to remember this crossword answer he knows he knows, 1926

9. These two black cats from New Orleans, 1920

10. This mother cat and her kittens, 1920

11. This wild-eyed kitten with Alfred Lenz, 1920

12. This lady clutching her cat, 1921

13. This cat and this cat’s little boy, 1929

14. This handsome cat in a chair, 1925

15. A very pretty kitty, 1923

16. Actress Lynn Fontanne with her kitty, 1922

17. Lisa and a black cat and an exclamation point, 1920

18. Fishing kittens, 1923

19. Three magazine model cats, 1923

20. Two kidlets and a kitty, 1920

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