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20 Dogs And Cats Who Are Stoked That Football Season Is Finally Here

It's football season, and for these animals that means that life finally has meaning again.

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1. This dog loves Aaron Rodgers more than he loves most members of his own family.

2. This cat wears a helmet when he's watching games because it makes him feel like he's back in it.

3. This puppy is really upset with Victor Cruz for dropping three passes.

4. This cat only drinks the kind of beers that are allowed at the football stadium even when he's sitting on his couch.

5. This dog is thinking about trying out to be the new long snapper for the Raiders.

6. This Saints fan cat really thinks the team will be fine without Sean Payton... Maybe.

7. This dog still believes in Tony Romo.

8. This cat goes to his local high school's football games every single week even though he graduated eight years ago.

9. This dog is pessimistic about the Chargers' running game.

10. This cat laughed when Gronk flubbed his spike, and then felt bad about it because she's a Pats fan.

11. This pug will never admit that even though he loves watching football, he doesn't understand like half of the rules.

12. This cat has to look away every time someone goes down. She looks away a lot.

13. This dog became vegan because Arian Foster convinced him to.

14. This dog really wants to play tackle football in the park today, but no one will play with him anymore because he's always accidentally hurting people.

15. This dog actually hates football, but his parents are really excited about it!

16. This cat can't stop thinking about the Packers first loss.

17. This dog has a total of six 49ers players on his fantasy team, but insists that it's not a homer thing.

18. This cat likes to watch highlights of his college team on youtube, but it always makes him cry.

19. This dog has been dressing as a football player for Halloween every year since he was five. He's 30.

20. Not THAT kind of football, cat!

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