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    20 Baby Animals Say Hello To Spring

    Today is the March Equinox and we'll be celebrating with these little guys.

    It's Spring! And spring is the best! Here's why.

    1. Wildflowers!

    2. An extra hour of daylight!

    3. Sunglasses!

    4. Lemonade stands!

    5. Baseball!

    6. Sundresses!

    7. Spring cleaning!

    8. Easter!

    9. Cinco de Mayo!

    10. Romance!

    11. Sandals!

    12. Actually being motivated to go to the gym!

    13. Spring break!

    14. Day drinking outside!

    15. Not wearing socks!

    16. Pastels!

    17. Open windows!

    18. Mad Men and Game Of Thrones!

    19. Light jackets!


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