19 Signs You're Addicted To Thrift Shopping

    You would never pop a tag. This is a religion.

    1. This is you.

    2. Your idea of a fun date involves finding complimentary weird stuff together at a thrift store.

    3. You have strong feelings about which thrift chains have the best stuff and the best deals.

    4. You are slightly superstitious about how to have "lucky" thrift shopping days.

    5. You were upset when Macklemore made it big, because it meant everyone knew your secret.

    6. Not to mention that you would never dream of popping a tag.

    7. You think of styles entirely in terms of which decade they came from.

    8. And you have different ideas than most people about what's still cool.

    9. You put a lot of thought into the outfits you wear to go thrift shopping.

    10. Your Halloween costumes are always on point.

    11. You spend a lot of time trying to understand why someone ever would have gotten rid of some of this amazing stuff.

    12. This doesn't look overwhelming, it looks incredibly fun.

    13. You've started recreating your own grandmother's kitchen piece by piece.

    14. You have to visit every section of a thrift store before you leave, just in case there's something amazing you might miss.

    15. You dream of getting rich by finding secretly incredibly valuable things at Goodwill for a few dollars.

    16. Cat sweaters are a significant part of your wardrobe.

    17. You like to brag about how cheap you are.

    18. You can't imagine spending more than $20 on a piece of clothing...

    19. And the best feeling in the world is surveying your haul after a successful thrift day.