19 Minutes Of Mazzy Star Perfection Circa 1994

An angel has descended from heaven and posted this complete Mazzy Star performance from the October, 1994 Bridge School benefit in Mountain View, CA.

The set begins with Halah, followed by Ride It On, Flowers In December, and Leaving On A Train (unreleased). The last song is, of course, Fade Into You and it starts at the 14:50 mark.

  1. Fill In The Blank: Mazzy Star Circa 1994 Makes Me Feel __________
    1. Warm and fuzzy.
    2. Like mugging down with my crush.
    3. Nostalgic and weepy.
    4. Like my heart is being systematically broken and then rebuilt into a new and better shape.
    5. Sleepy and perfectly contented.
    6. Whole.
    7. All of the above.

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