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15 Reasons George W. Bush Should Come Work For BuzzFeed Animals

BuzzFeed Animals is currently hiring an Associate Animals Editor, and George, your offer is officially on the table.

1. He has produced over 50 paintings of puppies.

2. And they are excellent paintings indeed!

3. He recently posted what might be the greatest photograph of all time to Facebook.

4. And arranged for the best White House lawn portrait ever.

5. He obviously understands that having dogs do people things is the funniest thing.

6. He even got creative with it.

7. And he also enjoys cats (obviously a requirement to work here).

8. He is clearly as fascinated by tiny, tiny owls as we are.

9. George always recognized the comedic potential of the presidential turkey pardoning.

10. He is friendly with the growing bunny community.

11. He's even cautiously interested in parrots!

12. More importantly, he put little hats on his dog.

13. He understands that animals make people happy.

14. After all, Barney made him happy.

15. In conclusion, George W. Bush, we implore you to listen to your heart.