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    15 Cats Who Are Going Places

    These felines have places to go and people to see! I don't know why cats driving cars is so funny, but it is.

    1. This cat is going to pick up some yams at the grocery store.

    2. This cat is going to meet her friends for cocktails and Ryan Lochte discussion.

    3. This cat is driving home from work and listening to NPR in his car.

    4. This cat is trying to remember where the Ethiopian restaurant he ate at with his ex was. It was so good!

    5. This cat is going to finally going to see that new Batman movie and he wants to make sure he gets there in time to get seats in the middle.

    6. This kitten is driving in circles at the grocery store parking lot.

    7. This cat is taking flowers to his grandmother's gravestone.

    8. This cat cannot believe that jerk just cut her off!

    9. This cat is taking his kid to summer camp for the first time and he's really nervous.

    10. This cat is waiting for her crush to get off of work so she can get out of her car and "accidentally" run into him.

    11. This cat is waiting for you to get ready and get in the car already.

    12. This cat is spending his birthday money on a new digital camera because he's increasingly disenchanted with the quality of his iPhone pictures.

    13. This cat is going to surprise you with a trip to the ice cream place on the way home!

    14. This cat is still stopped at a green light because a super hot cat just ran past in booty shorts.

    15. This cat is just driving around so he can listen to the new Gaslight Anthem album in peace.