10 Ways To Stay Entertained When The Power Goes Out

    As your parents used to tell you, only boring people get bored.

    Before a power outage you'll need to prepare yourself with a few things in advance in order to use this list:

    - A flashlight or two.

    - Batteries.

    - Candles.

    - Battery powered radio and/or a fully charged iPod.

    - Water and non-perishable food so you don't die.

    - Condoms.

    - If you're anticipating a power outage, invite over your friends and neighbors. Groups = more fun, less panic.

    - Having a cat to snuggle with is optional, but desirable.

    1. If you have a fireplace, use it.

    2. Finally start reading that book you've been thinking about starting to read for years now.

    3. Draw or paint.

    4. Write a letter to someone special.

    5. Board Games!

    6. Get drunk.

    7. Clean your house.

    8. Lights Off, Pants Off, Dance Off.

    9. If you're in a relationship, have lots of sex.

    10. Finally: go to bed.

    For more information on power outages, check out these sites:

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