15 "Joys" Of Being A Medical Student.

worth it or not worth it?

1. This is what your Saturday night looks like.

Your “non-med” friends every Saturday night.

2. At some point, your “non-med” friends will stop believing all your “lame” excuses about not being able to hang out ‘cause you always have to study for something.

I mean, seriously, is there really such thing as an exam everyday?

3. All that stress eating!

4. When it comes to flirting…

umm yeah, that will definitelyyy get you laid tonight.

5. Your fridge probably looks something like this…

Oh, your momma must be so proud!

6. Jacked up on coffee 24/7, this is pretty much the look you have plastered on your face everyday

7. Mental Breakdowns are part of your normal routine.

8. All your old friends are either getting married or pregnant…and you’re just like…

9. The fact that people think you’re living a life like something out of a tv show

10. Your bookshelf probably looks something like this…

11. Your iphone is full of apps like these…

12. Dealing with all those people who don’t understand a word of medical language

13. listening to people complain about their personal drama and thinking…

ain’t nobody got time for that!

14. You tend to diagnose yourself with every disease you read about.

15. Sometimes, you regret your decision of ever joining med school in the first place

But, once in a while, a little pep talk to yourself always helps.

And you tell yourself you’ll be much better off in the future as compared to these kids

Aaand you feel much better…

for now…

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