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Kanuni Chillar: 10 laws that are light on your pocket

100 rupees isn’t what it used to be. People spend more on a cup of coffee with friends or going out to watch a movie. Laws are supposed to act as a warning and restrain people from doing something wrong. However, did you know that there are lots of laws for which the fine is less than Rs. 100? Here are 10 Indian laws which are light on your pocket:

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2. Spitting in a factory

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If you are wandering around in a factory and feel an urge to spit away, be sure to use the spittoons provided. Spitting anywhere outside can lead to a fine of five rupees!

4. Drinking in the railways

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Train rides are generally associated with drinking copious amounts of chai. However, if your drink of preference is something else, then you should be careful. If you get drunk in the Indian Railways and cause a nuisance and bother people, you can get a fine of a hundred rupees

6. Riding on the roof of the Delhi Metro

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Sometimes the metro is so full that we may be tempted to get onto the roof and enjoy the open air while avoiding the rush. Be warned, this could lead to a fine of fifty rupees and jail up to one month. You may also be kicked off the train!

7. Not paying proper toll in the tram

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Most Indian cities don’t have tram systems anymore, with Kolkata being an exception. If you don’t pay the toll or pay for less than the distance that you travel, you can be fined ten rupees!

9. Smoking in the railways

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It’s quite a common sight to see people smoking in the train, whether in the passageway or near the door. However, you should know that smoking in the train can lead to a fine of a hundred rupees.

10. Disobeying NCC rules

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The National Cadet corps helps instill discipline and patriotism in young kids. It also helps to bunk classes during school! If you are enrolled in the NCC, then you could be fined Rs. 50 for breaking any NCC rules.

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