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    25 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To Someone Who Lives In Kolkata


    1. "But isn't Kolkata, like, really dirty and backward?"

    But aren't you, like, really ignorant?

    2. “Golgappas/pani puris are way better than phuchkas.”

    3. “Oh I totally know a Bengali song." *KORBO LORBO JEETBO REEEE*

    4. “You live in Kolkata? Oh so you are obviously a Bengali.”

    5. “So there’s roshogulla, mishti doi and shondesh. Are these the only desserts you guys have?”

    6. “Does Kolkata even have cafés and malls?”

    No. We mostly spend all of our time at the fish market and then go to Kalighat.

    7. “Left is right.”

    8. “Why do you have a fucking potato in your biryani?”

    9. “But nobody ever seems to work in Kolkata.”

    10. “Soooooo! Is Kolkata the new London already? LOL.”

    11. “The Delhi/Mumbai Metro is way better.”

    12. “Why do you guys eat everything? Aami jol khaabe. Aami maach khaabe.”

    13. “Why does your mom call you Bumba/Babai/Shona? HAHAHA Papai HAHAHAHA.”

    14. “What’s jhaal?”

    15. “The roads suck. The traffic sucks.”

    16. “Why is everything pronounced with an O? Why does Amitabh turn into Omitabh?”

    17. “Everything is so blue.”

    18. “Can Victoria’s Secret be found inside the Victoria Memorial? EHEHHEHEHEHE.”

    19. “But you are a Calcuttan. How can you get lost in Salt Lake City?”

    20. “But isn’t Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose dea..”

    21. "You guys go cray AF about Durga Puja. Celebrate other festivals too?"

    22. "Why do these bus conductors keep screaming “Aaste ladies, pete kole baaccha", all the time?"

    23. “I got into a yellow cab and told the driver “Bhaiya, meter se chalo”. He asked me to get out of the taxi because it was lunchtime.”

    24. “You have places like Ultodanga HAHAHAHAHA! Tangra HAHAHAHAHHA. OMG Hatibagan ROFL.”

    25. “Aami tomake bhalobashi.”