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23 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Obsessed With Durga Puja

More like Durga PuYAAAS.

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1. It begins with the shopping. So much shopping.

Instagram: @bonnie_1708

3. If you live in Kolkata, trips to Kumartuli are real Instagram-worthy.

Instagram: @everydayindia

4. Status updates such as these are imperative.

5. Especially when you’re welcoming the goddess into your own house.

Instagram: @mukherjiamar


6. It’s that time of the year when your city looks like a million bucks.

7. And you just cannot miss out on any of the majestic displays.

8. Including this one.

9. #PandalHopping is your new favourite hashtag.

Instagram: @things2doinkolkata

10. And staying out till 5 in the morning is perfectly acceptable.

Instagram: @celluloidpoet

11. Boys and girls from your para give professional dancers a run for their money.

Instagram: @arjunkumar1108

12. And the beats of the dhaak release endorphins in your system.

Instagram: @dradityabanerjee

13. Deciding your Oshtomi OOTD is a major challenge.

The Bong Sense / Via Facebook: thebongsense

14. But then you finally get it right.

SLB Films


15. Nothing compares to devouring all the yummy food in the world.

Instagram: @kolkatafoodie

16. The words “bhoger khichudi” are like music to your ears.

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17. It’s that time of the year to chill with your squad.

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18. And also have a happy reunion with the fam.

Instagram: @sushmitasen47

19. Although you have to deal with difficult situations such as these.

20. However, there is always this fervent hope.

The Bong Sense / Via Facebook: thebongsense

21. And when your dreams finally come true.

Yash Raj Films

22. When it’s time for the goddess to bid adieu, she leaves behind a riot of colours.

Instagram: @mumtaz_sorcar

23. And you can’t wait to welcome her back.

Instagram: @deckle_edge