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    28 Joys Of Growing Up In Kolkata

    Home is where the phuchka is.

    1. Remember those countless visits to New Market for Nahoum’s plum cake, and shopping for clothes at Shree Ram Arcade and Treasure Island?

    Rajarshi Mitra / Via Flickr: tataimitra

    2. Where, of course, we would invariably end up buying books from this nice old guy.

    3. When dinner was all about Peter Cat, Mocambo, Kwality Restaurant and good old Amber...

    4. And when ice-cream and pizza were synonymous with Scoop.

    5. Remember waking up on a rainy morning to an unexpected school holiday, all because of the crazy waterlogging?


    6. And all those "school trips" to Nicco Park?

    School trips are supposed to be boring and educational. This was SO not a school trip.

    7. We visited the Indian Museum with all the awe and wonder in the world because, after all, it WAS a "jadu ghar".

    Jaylaxmi Desai / Via

    8. Those monthly trips to Science City were almost imperative, and everyone was somehow obsessed with the dinosaur.

    Souvonik Photography / Via

    9. The book fair at Maidan had a different charm altogether.


    Especially when we got to gorge on unhealthy fried fare from the Benfish and Arambagh’s stalls.

    10. And the kakus selling jhalmuri, ghugni and hajmi outside school were practically lifesavers.

    We always loved their treats, despite the fact that our teachers never approved.

    11. Sunday mornings were all about playing gully cricket and football with the "para" gang.

    Sarasji Dasgupta / Via

    12. And Sunday breakfast was all about Flurys and Raj Restaurant.

    13. I'd just like to point out that we had "AC Markets" wayyyyy before malls became mainstream.

    Michele Aquila / Via

    Remember the time when going to the Theatre Road AC Market and Vardaan was an absolute treat? South City whaaaaaaat?!

    14. Metro Cinema, Paradise, Globe and Orient helped us appreciate the beauty of single screen theatres.

    Sayan Bose / Via

    15. We always had Dada to cheer for, whenever India played cricket at Eden Gardens.

    MARTYN HAYHOW/AFP / Getty Images

    16. And if you were one of those who was more obsessed with football, you always rooted for Baichung.

    Shaun Botterill /Allsport

    17. Remember the time when the yellow cab drivers were actually nice and reliable?

    Subhayan Ghosh / Via

    18. When we could also hop on to a tram or a rickshaw, sometimes just because it was so much fun.

    19. Before the Au-Bon-say-whaaaaats became popular, Music World at Park Street was THE place to chill.

    Swati Sharma / Via

    20. And trips to the Alipore Zoo were ALWAYS a big deal.

    Deb Parker / Via

    21. Watching the light and sound show and bursting balloons with air guns at Victoria were all indispensable.

    Kaustuv Das / Via

    22. And when in Victoria, how could we possibly miss out on the ghoda gadi rides?

    Sarasij Dasgupta / Via

    23. Remember the time when going to the Ajanta/ Gemini Circus was an annual ritual?

    Sarasij Dasgupta / Via

    24. And buying lipstick "toffee", "Fatafat" and "Chatar Matar" packets from the plethora of paan shops lining the city?

    More like fatafati, amirite?

    25. PC Sorcar’s magic shows existed before the fabulous world of Harry Potter did.

    DIPTENDU DUTTA/AFP / Getty Images

    26. And speaking of magic, we bought all of our school textbooks and "10 years" test papers from College Street, the original Room of Requirement.

    Christy Sommers / Via

    27. Weekend getaways were always welcome and we had Digha and the Sunderbans waiting for us with open arms.

    Rajarshi Mitra / Via Flickr: tataimitra

    28. We grew up during those wonderful days when old classics and Rabindrasangeet emanated from loudspeakers during Pujo, and NOT Honey Singh and Badshah.

    Prithwish Basu Photography / Via Flickr: 29749391@N05

    And we grew up knowing that there is no place like Kolkata, and there will never be.

    Gareth Copley / Getty Images

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