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I Am Curious To Know If You Find These Bollywood Song Lyrics Iconic Or Totally Cringey

"Love storiyaan"...ewww!

When, on a rather uneventful Sunday afternoon, the full version of the much-awaited song "Kesariya" from the movie Brahmastra dropped, Twitter was abuzz with excitement. While most fell in love with the number, some others couldn't stop cringing at the choice of certain lyrics, especially the inclusion of the term "love storyiaan".

Rest of the lyrics v/s Love Storiya in Kesariya

Twitter: @kocharpulkit

Hilarious memes were naturally birthed.

Twitter: @youcandothisbis

When Naina said, "Kitna bhi try karlo Bunny, zindagi me kuch na kuch to chootega hi" she was talking about the lyrics in Kesariya song

Twitter: @jyotat0

Love Storiyan part of Kesariya song lyrics is like the 0.01% germs Dettol doesn’t kill.

Twitter: @vishcomical

Which makes me wonder what you think about the rather "infamous" lyrics of certain Bollywood songs. To that end, here's a fun poll:

And finally...