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    WebMD Posted A Video About Making "Chai Latte" With Maple Syrup And I Would Like To Literally Spill That Tea

    I would like to literally spill that tea.

    So the other day, WebMD, aka the website that tells you that your cold symptoms might just be cancer, tweeted a video about making 'chai latte' at home.

    Learn how to make a chai latte -- without the coffee shop price tag.

    In this (now infamous) tweet, they used ingredients like maple syrup and coconut milk to make the aforesaid 'chai latte'.

    Yes, you read that right. Coconut milk, maple syrup, AND star anise. If the devil had a favourite drink, this is it.


    1. Since every action has an equal and opposite reaction, this obviously wasn't desi Twitter's cup of tea:

    Hello WebMD! This is neither chai nor latte. 🤮


    PSA: This. Is. Not. Chai. Mind. It.


    Pls! My desi masala chai rocks. This is so wannabe.

    4. Some users (rightly) complained about the colour:

    Three bags of black tea in two cups of water and they end up with that light shade of brown tea?


    Everything about this is so wrong. The weakass colour is just the worst kicker

    6. While certain others were sure these ingredients could be used to make a dish that was a million times more delicious:

    Ew! Three sticks of cinnamon!! Also you are like halfway to making chole. Now add a can or so of garbanzo beans, saute a handful of green chillies, and some turmeric. Eat with parathas or onion rice!

    And tas-tea!


    @saffrontrail throw in some chicken and jeeragasamba rice and you've got a pretty spicy biryani.


    @WebMD Add rice instead of tea bags and this will be biryani👌


    @WebMD Damn, white people, the only thing left to add to this abomination is some garam masala.


    Those are enough spices for a POTFUL OF SAALAN! Oh, and maple syrup? #SerenityNow


    You know what! If you added rice instead of tea bags, this would be pulav! This is neither “chai” nor “latte”. It looks more like when - Rachel in Friends - mixed 2 different recipes to make “English trifle”. This one has 3. Maple syrup! Why not some banana and strawberries!


    What on earth are you making here, chai or potpourri??

    13. The best thing to have come out of this monstrosi-tea of a tweet is the sarcasm in the replies:

    @WebMD And I just made some fame grilled whoppers. Happy to share the recipe upon request. :)


    @OfLoveee @WebMD Why is the “yep you definitely have cancer” website teaching us how to make tea?


    @WebMD "without the coffee shop price tag" habibi this is without the price tag and without any decency. please delete this tweet.

    This is tea that I would li-tea-rally like to spill.

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