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    15 Underrated Indian Beauty And Lifestyle YouTubers You Should Be Subscribing To Right Away

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    ATTENTION: This post is a part of a series in which we celebrate underrated gems from the beauty and lifestyle community on YouTube. Here's Part 1.

    Hey everyone! Welcome back to yet another episode of "Amazeballs creators on YouTube swooping in to save my face from looking like this:"


    With their remarkably creative, entertaining, and instructive content, these women have been consistently raising the bar for the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle community on YouTube. It's time we shine a light on their marvellous work!

    1. Antariksha Phadnis

    Antariksha Phadnis / Via

    A Singapore-based Indian YouTuber, Antariksha posts brutally honest and detailed reviews of Indian and International makeup and skincare brands and offers both high-end and affordable product recommendations. Trust me when I say that if there's a review you're desperately looking for and can't find anywhere, she has probably done it.

    Watch: This video in which she dupes luxury lipsticks.

    2. BeautiCo. | Ritika Amru

    BeautiCo. / Via

    When I first chanced upon Ritika's channel, I was ~shook~ at how perfect her makeup was — ALL THE TIME. She creates excellent makeup looks that are easy to follow, frequently tries out popular beauty products, and occasionally posts videos about her skincare and haircare routine.

    Watch: This affordable makeup guide for beginners.

    3. Himadri Patel

    Himadri Patel / Via

    The lovely Himadri posts easy-to-follow makeup tutorials using affordable products along with try-on fashion hauls and challenge videos such as this one. She also uploads detailed single product reviews and launches from popular brands.

    Watch: This Indian makeup look for weddings.

    4. Ishita Khanna

    Ishita Khanna / Via

    Ishita's channel is the ultimate destination for all things fashion. Her styling videos are great to watch not only owing to the tips that she offers but also because of how beautifully they are filmed. She sometimes posts vlogs and makeup videos such as this one about nude lipsticks.

    Watch: This video containing outfit ideas for when you have nothing to wear.

    5. KomalJi | Komal

    KomalJi / Via

    One of the OG creators on YouTube, Komal has been uploading delightfully honest reviews of makeup and skincare products along with vlogs, recipe videos, and content tailored for curly-haired beauties. She also oftentimes speaks on social issues and rightly calls out the beauty industry's bullshit.

    Watch: This video about shopping addiction.

    6. MakeupFashionRevival | Ankita Upadhyaya

    MakeupFashionRevival / Via

    Ankita's channel is all about makeup tutorials and eyeshadow looks that are easy to recreate. She also periodically posts lipstick swatch videos, travel vlogs, favourites videos, and massive international makeup hauls.

    Watch: This eye makeup tutorial which is in Marathi.

    7. Michu | Somya Gupta

    Michu / Via

    Somya's channel is a mixed bag of fantastic content as she walks her audience through her skincare routine, informs them about expensive products they should stay away from, uploads "Get Ready With Me" videos, and shares her beauty favourites — among a million other things.

    Watch: This makeup look for teenagers.

    8. Pallabi Tutorials | Pallabi

    Pallabi Tutorials / Via

    A self-taught makeup artist, Pallabi creates content around makeup and fitness along with DIYs. Her step-by-step tutorials are a treat to watch because of how patiently she explains her process and the fact that she uses affordable products. You'll also find helpful cooking videos (such as this pani puri recipe video) on her channel.

    Watch: This office makeup look for pigmented skin.

    9. Preiti Bhamra

    Preiti Bhamra / Via

    India’s first cruelty-free beauty creator, Preiti's channel is all about haircare, skincare, and makeup that does not harm animals. She also creates some exceptional explainers (such as this one in which she talks about why our skincare routine sometimes stops working) and frequently takes her audience through products that did and did not work out for her.

    Watch: This video about the best haircare products of 2020.

    10. Priyanka Ghosh

    Priyanka Ghosh / Via

    Priyanka creates content on skincare, makeup, and fashion along with a healthy sprinkling of haul videos such as this one. Her honest and unsponsored reviews of popular products along with her "best and worst products" series are absolutely worth your time.

    Watch: Since she's going to be a new mommy 👶, here's her pregnancy daytime skincare routine.

    11. Sana Grover

    Sana Grover / Via

    Sana posts some of the best fashion videos on YouTube and these range from hauls from popular e-commerce platforms to outfit ideas and styling tips. She also uploads occasional daily vlogs and beauty videos such as the one in which she talks about her skincare routine.

    Watch: This video about fashion trends for 2021.

    12. Sana K

    Sana K / Via

    If you're a fan of watching hauls, look no further than Sana's YouTube channel. Her chatty hauls range from clothing, accessories, and home decor to perfumes, personal care products, and jewellery. Watching her videos feels like catching up with a friend.

    Watch: This MINISO haul.

    13. Scherezade Shroff

    Scherezade Shroff / Via

    Easily the most popular name on this list, Sherry is criminally underrated despite being a ~legendary~ OG YouTuber. Even after all these years, her content has consistently been organic, innovative, and SUPER relatable — right from her "To Buy or Not To Buy" and "Real Talk" series to her Mukbang videos. If you're a K-Drama fan, you will love #SherrysKDramaClub.

    Watch: This video about her favourite local fashion and lifestyle brands.

    14. Shalini Mandal

    Shalini Mandal / Via

    Shalini's wonderful channel is centred around beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and self care among a ton of other good things. Her makeup tutorials (such as this Onam look) are a godsend and her vlogs are very entertaining to watch. She also often uploads hauls and "favourites" videos.

    Watch: This video about her favourite lipsticks.

    15. Sush Dazzles | Sushmita

    Sush Dazzles / Via

    A model by profession, the breathtaking Sushmita largely uses her platform to create makeup looks inspired by celebrities. She also regularly offers product recommendations, shares her skincare and haircare routines, and posts useful "how-to" videos.

    Watch: This makeup look inspired by Katrina Kaif.

    Here are some more underrated Indian YouTubers who've been creating fantastic beauty and lifestyle content!